It is happening again…

The giant from Twin Peaks, through a glass darkly
A blog returns...

Time comes that I miss writing about music, recording those thoughts as they materialize. Music is my sanctuary, and the ideas that surround it fascinate me as much as the sound itself. From production and texture to the embedded thought and theory to the surrounding social and historic context, these elements are all woven through its very fabric. To my mind, the written word is as valuable a technique as any with which to explore all these concurrent aspects, running in parallel. Perhaps, like the man once said, writing about music is like dancing about architecture... but then that's a ballet I wouldn't mind watching.

There's a lot of solid music writing out there at the moment, maybe more than ever, but none that I can find seems to approach music from quite the same place that I've come from, the way I've experienced it. So why not take a stab at it myself? I'm no expert — and certainly no critic. The last thing I want to do is tell anyone what they should or shouldn't be listening to. At the end of the day I'm just a brother from the Heights, sharing some thoughts about music that I treasure from the perspective I've inhabited these past years. In the process, hopefully I can put down some writing that I would have liked to stumble across in the digital ether.

With a little luck, maybe it's something you'd like to read as well.

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