Running Out Of Space

Aquatic Invasion: Darthouven Fish Men enter Neptune's Lair1 Sometimes we like to get away from people for a while, just to gather our thoughts and find a best way forward. We don’t want to pick up anybody else’s vibe, so we cut off all communications. Drexciya2 1. Drexciya. Running Out Of Space. Neptune's Lair. Donald, … Continue reading Running Out Of Space

Starship Parallax

Mariner 2 probe en route to Venus 1962 I've converted The Parallax Room into a starship of sorts in order to chart the outer reaches of sonic possibility. Exploration. Dozens of records, each of them festooned with all manner of intergalactic imagery, are strewn about the interior, covering every surface and ultimately rotating on the … Continue reading Starship Parallax

Deep Space Interlude

The Laguna Observatory What with Woebot's timely interjection about space, music, and their relationship, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a look at some records that cleave to the theme of outer space. The original plan was to put together a quick selection of ten or twenty records, but things quickly got out … Continue reading Deep Space Interlude

Space Is The Place

Sun Ra arrives from outer space Woebot with the perfect prescription,1 discussing the intersection of space and music over the past fifty years, touching on everything from David Bowie to Carl Sagan and The Martian and echoing thoughts I've often had on the subject. Must return to this when the work week abates... Footnotes 1. … Continue reading Space Is The Place

Speed Of Life

David Bowie circa Low My wife called me Monday morning with the news. I just found out that David Bowie died. I could hear in her voice that she was on the verge of tears. I didn't know what to say. The man was just too monumental, a mythic figure in his own time — in our … Continue reading Speed Of Life

Happy New Year, Y’all!

Atomic Rooster Made In England ElektraThis album features Close Your Eyes, the anthem of the day1 2016 is here! Hope it brings you nothing but the best. Footnotes 1. Atomic Rooster. Close Your Eyes. Made In England. Crane, Vincent. Elektra, 1972. Vinyl.