Starship Parallax

Mariner 2 probe, pixelated and upside down
Mariner 2 probe en route to Venus 1962

I've converted The Parallax Room into a starship of sorts in order to chart the outer reaches of sonic possibility. Exploration. Dozens of records, each of them festooned with all manner of intergalactic imagery, are strewn about the interior, covering every surface and ultimately rotating on the decks, in turn. Research. Star charts line the walls, spread out in geometric patterns, mapping the convergence of various realities in time and space. Possibilities. The sound of ARPs trilling up and down the dronescape, 2600s re-purposed as visual generators, converting sound into imagery, all projected into the jet black of space. All systems operational. All engines ready.

Into the wormhole, a series of transmissions from within forthcoming...

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