Another Palm Grove

... and I was in another palm grove on another palm grove. It was the surface of some planet, an orb among the stars, shrouded in the haze of some dream I can't remember but still can't quite forget. From ancient dreams to ancient dreams, nothing is ever as it seems. Palm Grove were there, … Continue reading Another Palm Grove

Weak Heart

The Cornerstone1 in space The world — the people he'd known, the places he'd been confined to, the lies he'd been told — had drained him of everything he once was, used him up to within an inch of his life. All that remained was a shell. Yet within that shell remained the beating of a weak heart, the … Continue reading Weak Heart

A Little Spaced Out

Space disco in full effect I recently noticed that I'd loaned out my copy of Derrick May's Innovator and thought, what a great compilation that was, followed by I really hope that I get it back. The double-disc version is that rare compilation that acts as both a primer, rounding up most of the man's … Continue reading A Little Spaced Out


Opening scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey Sunrise Surprise Civilized Man You were keeper to me Now your animal is free You're free to die You're old and your hands are gray You're old, go home and stay We've all heard your dirty stories Two thousand years Two thousand years Two thousand years Of your … Continue reading Sunrise