A Weekend On Mars

A future city stands beside a flowing river and sparse trees, all beneath a deep sky
The dome city from Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes' Expansions

Landing on the Martian surface, you could see the dome city on the horizon, just past the river's flow. On a warm current of wind, the words of the song could be felt (and heard):

Expand your mind to understand

we all must live in peace today.

Extend your hand to help the plan

of love to all mankind.

Lonnie Liston Smith1

After creeping back into the solar system over a week ago, I spent the weekend on Mars. Collecting assorted records that I'd stashed in my spot, I loaded them onto the starship (We must get the minerals to the ship.) where they shared shelf space with the recent field recordings brought back from the outer rim. Cosmic echoes. The results of this five month journey, the treasures of the vast beyond, all gathered in one place within the depths of Starship Parallax. And thus embarking on that last stretch of skyway, and the journey home...


Smith, Lonnie Liston and The Cosmic Echoes. Expansions. Expansions. Smith, Lonnie Liston. Flying Dutchman, 1975. Vinyl.


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