Journey To Pyramid

And the westward path continues, sliding three feet high over Caribbean waters, past the shores of the Yucatán. Journey To Pyramid. Teotihuacán looms in the distance, ship runs steady with the Quetzalcoatl mixtape lodged safely in the deck, pulsing sounds of the Mental Cube booming through the forest. It's a Yage. Stopover at the midpoint between the island and the Heights, the journey's but halfway over - next stop home...

Concave Dreams

The arrival at Arecibo. Artech in rotation against the sky, circling concentric the vast aluminum dish set within the surface of the Earth. Aerial view. This crater formed from tiles, each animated with the living sleeve of a record brought back from the outerrim. Light pours through each of them, clockwise from the center and radiating outward.

Reverse the polarity: images and sound project into the heavens, transmissions emitted to the outerrim - spirits returned to their place of origin. Reverse the polarity: reflection received and synced, pulsing in perfect harmony with itself - ringing in resonance as the sub-levels grow deeper and deeper and deeper. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Shadows Surface

Moving Shadows scale the cavern walls, climbing out of the deep black and upward through the lush plant life shrouding the surface. Murky shapes emerge against a sky bathed in starlight and equations, the night air warm with possibilities and the pull of the unknown. Camuy stretches out far below into infinity: the deep, dark sanctuary of the underground.

Feel the distant pull of that twisted jazz machinery, spiralling through the darkness in elegant fractals, half-light dancing in the depths. Those elegant rhythms - taken from the outerrim down to this veiled grotto - begin their slow ascent out into the wider world...