People Make The World Go Round

The sun sets on El Cajon Blvd., streetlights looming benign in the distance
El Cajon Blvd. at sunset

Cruising down University to the sounds of the C2 Remix of Innerzone Orchestra's People Make The World Go Round, in the cool Autumn air of the early evening as the sun settles on the horizon. People everywhere, going about their business: walking the sidewalks and the crosswalks, driving through these city streets, humanity in motion. People make the world go round.1 Breakbeats roll out in cascading layers beneath the clipped sequences of pure machine soul.

Innerzone Orchestra People Make The World Go Round Planet E

Dusk descends and the Kenny Dixon, Jr. Remix begins to unfold, palm trees silhouetted against violet skies as Norma Jean Bell works her saxophone and Mr. Bubz Fiddler springs into action on bass. The sounds of Axelrod and Adderley flow like tributaries through the bedrock, a jazz mosaic set in stark relief against the geology of a place where the desert meets the sea.

In the words of Winston Zeddmore...

I love this town!


Innerzone Orchestra featuring Paul Randolph. People Make The World Go Round Kenny Dixon, Jr. Remix. People Make The World Go Round. Creed, Linda and Thom Bell. Planet E, 2000. Vinyl.

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