Jaki Liebezeit

Jaki Liebezeit plays the drums
The enchanting wizard of rhythm.

And I was just listening to Snake Charmer the other day...

Then, there's the matter of Can.

The propulsion behind one of the great bands, the secret ingredient.

So many killer grooves... so many great records.

Future Days remains my absolute favorite.

Still remember the first time I heard them, driving in the rain.

Lightning strikes on the horizon.

Always loved what he did with this song.1

A long time favorite, going back to '97.



Depeche Mode. The Bottom Line. Ultra. Gore, Martin L. Mute, 1997. CD.


Constant Companion

The sheet music for where the streets have no name, blowing in the desert wind

As anyone who knows us knows, Sari and I love our lists. Along with my brother Andrew, we each worked up our top one-hundred albums roughly two-and-a-half years ago. Since then, we've added to the lists considerably (the fruits of which will show up here before month's end), and I'm always pestering everyone within earshot for their list of favorites.

So last year, for my birthday, my sister-in-law Leah compiled a list of her favorite six albums of all time. It was an unexpected treat, and there was a definite continuity running through the selections. You could write a book on each of them. Well, she's just posted the list up on her blog1 with attendant commentary. I especially like the autobiographical details, the way certain music becomes entwined with a particular period of one's life.

At one point, she wonders whether the term album even has any currency anymore, in our era of digital streaming and downloading. Do the children care about albums? She ultimately kind of posed the question to me, so I figured I'd wrestle with it a bit. And as is usually the case when I'm consulted, the answer is a long one! More on that later, but for now, check out Leah's list of six golden greats.1 I've heard a rumor that there are more to come...



Singer, Leah. Music, My Old Friend, and a Few Favorite Albums. Leah's Thoughts, 4 Jan. 2017. http://leahsthoughts.com/music-my-old-friend-and-a-few-favorite-albums/. Accessed 5 Jan. 2017.