Hip Hop Blues

B-Boys wander solitary on the streets of Chiba City

How can I be sure in a world that's constantly changing? Maxinquaye and Bristol, dragging breakbeats and bass from the dark side, dubbed-out shadows within and traces of the jungle bizzness in the mix. Mtume on the neon plane, slow-motion boogie equations drawn up in the sky, Lowrell Mellow Mellow Right On >> Massive's Lately and Shara Nelson in the soft afterglow of the night. Martina's lonesome voice in the ether three feet above the spectral crawl, shades of Dub Whip and Spying Glass (you live in the city) reggae en digital In A Lonely Place (you stay by yourself ) and the grimy breaks play on into the night...

So this is the aftermath.

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