Rugged Sounds

Tricky in the grime of the city on a Saturday night in the lunar light
Sons Of The Subway Walk Under A Full Moon's Light

// All these rugged sounds in discordant harmony, swirling like shadows in your mind, extraterrestrial raggabeats/trip hop broken down/post punk noise/machine soul riddims, The Dust Brothers/Black Grape vision and rock 'n roll in full effect — Captain Beyond and the MC5 and The Stooges and Blue Cheer — Paul's Boutique from a dub on the "Scratch"/Tubby/Bunny Lee tip and Cabaret Voltaire to Adrian Sherwood to Mad Professor on to Zion My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts Tackhead and techno's ramshackle symphonies in the night, 69 inna Black Odyssey style and acid dreams dripping down long neglected Chicago corridors, Da Tunnelz and Hashim lost inna Haunted Dancehall haze, In A Magenta Haze, a Purple Haze... after all, it's a Terminal Vibration fing. ***

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