Prometheus Rising

A radio tower begins to transmit once again as Prometheus gives his gift to the world.
From Detroit to Bristol: Innovators All

Despite all plans to the contrary, radio silence has been the order of the day over the last couple weeks. Just as before, this has been down to mad crazy developments in the overall Parallax Architecture, the intricate process of mountains being moved in binary form. It’s a tomorrow type thing, and as such, the writing has been getting unfairly sidelined in the interest of coding, scripting and various real-world concerns. Well, not anymore. History is about to change...

Jordan Belfort works the phones selling Aerotyne stocks in a crowded office space.
The other guys looked at me like I just discovered fire.

Even as we’re in the process of working up whole new systems to store and traverse the Parallax Archives, it’s important to keep the text flowing. Writing has always provided me with that one crucial function — the one disturbing element, one might say — in rearranging thoughts and teasing out possibilities, and there’s no better time for that catalyst then during the protracted process of longterm development. It’s not just the tool that matters — be it architecture or fire — but what you do with it that makes all the difference.

Simon Phoenix reclining in a chair after reprogramming the lights in Demolition Man.

Wesley Snipes gets it

Like twitch muscles working in harmony with those controlling strength, the left and right brain — creative and analytical impulses — work like gears shifting in pursuit of the next stretch of road, the next vista (Bring me that horizon, Mr. Sulu). Perhaps in truth they’re both flipsides of the same coin... not so far apart from each other after all. And so for every time I’ve promised more dispatches and more short posts to break up the yawning space between monster features, this time I really mean it! As Bowie once put it, A New Career In A New Town, and the future is there for the taking.

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