The Savage And Beyond

Sunrise in the city of dreams

Early morning and it's Savage Reese in full effect, the African Beast coming at you askew in Multifunction at every different level, Velocity Funk working the angles inna Grooverider style while you Bounce Your Body To The Box and kick those laps at an Uptempo speed, out in the park somewhere in AG. Back in the Red Zone, you've gotta change the Spark Plug up and rewire the Colt for ramshackle lightspeed (1997 bizzness, seen) and it's back up and running again, Out Of Control down the 15 now you're Groovin' Without A Doubt. Just make sure you Grab The Beat before departure, gon' feel the Bassline drop and get down into some Speaker Punishing hitting up the bins, pulling onto the I-696 and it's gonna be a beautiful day. Life in the World Of Deep spent driving Forces, Forces that pulse deep into the night — that's right — it's The Groove That Won't Stop so everybody Work Your Body, Let's Let's Let's Dance and take the time to rewind back through the groove and Loop Me Again (and again and again). That's The Sound right there, so you can't tell us How To Play Our Music oh no, we gonna Rock The Beat on the cinematic dancefloor while he Pump The Move on the ones and twos got that Power Bass bumping like Oombah down the Smooth Groove avenue and everybody Feel The Mood for real. That's right, it's just another day of Mental Techno down the corridor, we living The Dream on the scene and it's time to Unleash The Hardcore into the void, rock you through the Force Field and Straight Outta Hell, Back To Detroit and the music release in the shadows. I wanna be Inside-Out, baby you know I Just Want Another Chance (to prove myself to you), until the day you can say You're Mine. We all together in The Human Bond, rolling as one it's time to make The Move and drift back into the Enter-State for the long haul flight, Behold the great wide skies, it's the Truth Of Self-Evidence waiting to be discovered again. Mayday back on the Funky Funk Funk and watch him make it swing, androids rock that crazy Banjo and Warp out through the Structure, gliding upon reentry and Back To The Beat with a Heavenly sort of ting, listening as the people sing Ahnongay, Ahnongay as the dark moon rises on the horizon.

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