For Real

Parallax Moves Vol. II (2020 - A New Decade)

It's the 20s moving in full effect: more moods and grooves tease the dance intellect. Feeling beats brand new and beats dug up old, get down so long as every beat comes cold. We spend our time dwelling down in the heights, we work hard all day then we dance all night. Brothers getting deep down into the traxx, translate life to sound, put it down on wax.


So begins the next five years of Parallax Moves, venturing into a new decade and the music it'll bring. After a couple of lean years (1985/1999-ish bizzness, seen), I'm looking forward to getting back to coalface and turning up more gems from the here and now... it's bound to happen (don't you know that things go in cycles?). Of course, there will also be plenty of time for all the records that aren't brand new but still sound like it, with Terminal Vibration finally entering its much-delayed denouement in the 1st quarter. What's next? Machine soul? The Parallax Files? Or something else entirely? Only time will tell...

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