Acid Underworld

Stargate flipped to the b-side and happening on multiple planes
A scenario unfolds on the grid...

Lost in the caves, navigating 303 stalactites in flux and bathed in echoes of The Airplane, Stargate rising onna vector plane and the spectral breeze coarsing through lava flows deeper still. Underworld deep in the cut, another remix tripping out into the k-hole, wild fractals spiral off the jet black neon and slip through the fifth dimension. Consumed in the Plastikman environment, the '97 vibe in full swing, slight return on The ECB in the fading afternoon light. Jetty pools run Drexciya deep, underwater passage to the domes of the Bubble Metropolis and the Species Of The Pod. Late night Chicago deep space transmissions picked up onna night drive thru Babylon and on To The Bridge, melt into the acid underworld and the twilight sky ablaze, 6502 blues coming your way atop some transistor-backed aural memory.

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