Baltimore Bridge In The Pale Morricone Moonlight

Baltimore Bridge and the city lights, Curtis Mayfield and For Your Pleasure in the Morricone moonlight

Cruising down Baltimore Bridge in the pale Morricone moonlight, eyes gazing into the rear view mirror, visions of Curtis Mayfield and the long Roots shadows sprawling out into the night — Beautiful Brother Of Mine slipping into About Love and back again, three feet high and rising — second story apartments overlook the circuitry/the lights of freeway; needle drop on Traxx From The Nile inna space age bachelorette pad, and later still the spooked corridors of The Bogus Man descending through Heatherwood and the mist-cloaked spires of For Your Pleasure, In Every Dream Home A Heartache and finally back into the smoked-out dancehall, the Real To Real Cacophony.

Spool back out to the moment, the geometric pulse of Clark’s Lofthouse bumping out the soundsystem, jammin' the box and locked into the 4/4 groove: 'this is techno'. With another 2x12" EP burned to CD like Iggy Pop’s first two albums back in the college daze, Berlin Bowie pickup truck bombing back and forth over and under the 8. Out of the blue and into the red, venture down this eight bar paradise in the full bloom of midnight and that long stretch of Grossmont roadway curving into the Navajo haze. Reese records, Clash records, or any other records at all, head east or west, it won't matter as long as the groove don't stop 'til you get there...

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