Hindsight 2020

Led Zeppelin IV runes inna 2020 stylee, palm trees and 2600

Have you ever had a day that you just couldn't seem to get out of? How about a year? Well... it wasn't 2020's fault that everything just sort of fell to pieces. The tumblers just locked into place. After all, 'age ain't nothing but a number' (or so sayeth R. Kelly, and he would know). I've been to controlled demolitions before, but this one's dragged on by far the longest. Not that I doubt the severity of the various intersecting factors and interested parties involved, but one begins to get the distinct impression that the lingering controversies aren't even about what they're about anymore. It's not about the TV.

At any rate, here's to 2020. We don't blame you... you just got left holding the bag. Your long string of older brothers were there to pile it on and passed it on down the line. 'There's blame enough to go around.' So here we are. Maybe next year will benefit from your misfortune? Hell, I'd settle for some better music (but then again, I'm easy). I've got the inside track on a couple things in store for the 202+1, so why don't we just wait here for a while... see what happens. Run along now, 2020, into the haze of the distant past... and tell '97 that we miss her dearly.

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