MC-202 in the mist above the Blade Runner metropolis, THX 1138 in full progress

Well now... that's over. A year spent in deep freeze, playing catch up with the furies. Knee deep in source code, putting things together. For Real... yeah. So it's a new year and a new song (and a new toad). Hooking up the gear soon; rebuilding the studio. Talk Around Town (Parallel Universe flickering in the embers). Kicking out the wormhole and dropping thru Wrinkles In Time, rerouting through the digital for a return to the here-and-now.

A sequence every thirty days... that's about to happen for real this time. A mix for that matter. Reboot The Room, time to haunt the radio waves once again. Bison and Lamprey working together, Peacock roaming the east side of the Heights, Salamander squirms in the lush shade of the The Gardens, 'just a stop down the line... Zoo Station.' New forms creeping out of a thousand lonely rooms across the countryside, the geography alive with sound and vision.

File under futurism... tomorrow is back online.

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