Everyday Is Halloween

October 31st, going back to memories of Lil Louis & The World and Mtume, traced back through old Japan records and Love’s Four Sail, Ian Dury & The Blockheads doing their thing as the seventies draw to a close. From the first to the last, it's but a small step to industrial, be it Jungle … Continue reading Everyday Is Halloween

Mikis Theodorakis – Z

Mikis Theodorakis Z: The Original Sound Track Recording (Columbia Masterworks: 1969) In light of the passing of Mikis Theodorakis ██ ███████ ██████ ████████████ ███████████████ █████████ ███████ ████████ ████████████ ███████ █ ████████ ███ █████████ ██████ █ █████ ███ Greece ███████ ████ █ ██████ █████████ █ █████████████████. In truth, Z is probably my absolute █████████ ████████ ██████████ … Continue reading Mikis Theodorakis – Z

Bulletin Of The Coordinate Factualist

“What do you type on?” Writing about the great Ghédalia Tazartés got me thinking about figures will creep in and out of the peripheries, casually doing their thing, making waves that are ultimately (sometimes after the passage of decades) felt in the “mainstream” (insofar as a mainstream even exists anymore). Transmissions from the Interzone, bounced … Continue reading Bulletin Of The Coordinate Factualist

Ghédalia Tazartès

Ghédalia Tazartés: At The Edge Of Perception Ever since he passed away back in February, I've wanted to discuss the late great Ghédalia Tazartés, that French sonic visionary who bridged the Electro-Acoustic experiments of Pierre Schaeffer and the dawning of the sampladelic age. However, as the days turn shorter as Autumn falls into its great … Continue reading Ghédalia Tazartès


Welcome to The Pavilion Of Dreams. Well, the future is unwritten, isn't it? As I've noted over the course of the past couple years, there have been a roadblock or two and a lot to take in besides — plus everything we've all been dealing with “Lately”. Throughout it all, I've kept up the posts to a … Continue reading Dream