Close up of the sleeve for the reissue of Harold Budd’s The Pavilion Of Dreams.
Welcome to The Pavilion Of Dreams.

Well, the future is unwritten, isn't it?

As I've noted over the course of the past couple years, there have been a roadblock or two and a lot to take in besides — plus everything we've all been dealing with “Lately”. Throughout it all, I've kept up the posts to a just-below-respectable level... maybe not as often as I'd like, but nevertheless building up a library of writing that I'm reasonably proud of. I've also been feverishly working on some inner workings “under the hood” in order to take this whole thing to the next level.

Of course, from day one the plan has always been to move things to a higher plane, linking the whole thing up with the rest of the Heights: a network of like-minded figures with projects and visions of their own. It's my hope to close that circuit and bring back the charge... after all, we're only getting started, and I believe that the most exciting years are just around the bend. Like the man once said:

We're gonna dream of the world we want to live in...

we're gonna dream out loud.

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