Carlos Santana in the desert
“Things Change Like The Patterns And Shades That Fall From The Sun”

Another one of those great FSOL moments that never saw release beyond their ISDN and Fuct Up Soup transmissions, “Carlos” practically defines the term Fourth World with its loping downbeat percussion and rude, eerie horns piercing the deep red horizon of the late afternoon. Apparently constructed from fragments of recordings by the titular guitar man — although I've never been quite able to place them — but there's that strung out guitar strumming and the telltale swirling organ just below the surface.

The Future Sound Of London settle into their standard mid-period dynamic, ambient serenity punctuated by bursts of noise, albeit one that gestures toward the downbeat astral jazz of Papua New Guinea Translations and the 21st century. Back to the theory of the moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop, closing back on Lotus and Moonflower, ride into the hazy red mandala of the setting sun resting deep on the horizon and out into “The Big Blue”.

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