Communications from the front line.

Ambient Sun

Up In The Mountains and the rise of another Quiet Sun January turned out to be a particularly “ambient” month down in The Gardens, which isn't a particularly surprising thing when you're talking about time spent in the dead of Winter. It seemed like every every third record to hit the decks was some extended … Continue reading Ambient Sun

’70s Bonus Beat: The Heartbreaking Exclusions

Just 101 more albums that were in the running... ...Barbara Mandrell’s Treat Him Right Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Jobim The Isley Brothers’ The Heat Is On Black Sabbath’s Black Sabbath Steely Dan’s Can't Buy A Thrill Eddy Grant’s Walking On Sunshine Queen’s News Of The World Chrome’s The Visitation Neu!’s Neu! '75 Yoko Ono’s Fly Blue … Continue reading ’70s Bonus Beat: The Heartbreaking Exclusions


Well now... that's over. A year spent in deep freeze, playing catch up with the furies. Knee deep in source code, putting things together. For Real... yeah. So it's a new year and a new song (and a new toad). Hooking up the gear soon; rebuilding the studio. Talk Around Town (Parallel Universe flickering in … Continue reading 202.1

Hindsight 2020

Have you ever had a day that you just couldn't seem to get out of? How about a year? Well... it wasn't 2020's fault that everything just sort of fell to pieces. The tumblers just locked into place. After all, 'age ain't nothing but a number' (or so sayeth R. Kelly, and he would know). … Continue reading Hindsight 2020

Piece – Free Your Mind

Piece Free Your Mind Planet E: 1992 In the early days of Planet E, anything was possible. Carl Craig and Damon Booker had just shuttered their short-lived (but legendary) Retroactive imprint, and the young C2 was determined to strike out on his own. He'd already recorded his Psyche/BFC trilogy for Derrick May’s twin imprints (Transmat … Continue reading Piece – Free Your Mind

Baltimore Bridge In The Pale Morricone Moonlight

Cruising down Baltimore Bridge in the pale Morricone moonlight, eyes gazing into the rear view mirror, visions of Curtis Mayfield and the long Roots shadows sprawling out into the night — Beautiful Brother Of Mine slipping into About Love and back again, three feet high and rising — second story apartments overlook the circuitry/the lights of freeway; needle drop … Continue reading Baltimore Bridge In The Pale Morricone Moonlight

Loa Funk Logic

October's become something of a rock/new wave dub-disco month, what with last year's Japan/Ian Dury & The Blockheads entries and the recent discussion of Roxy Music’s Love Is The Drug, which is no bad thing as far as I'm concerned. After all, the rolling dancefloor grooves of Suburban Love and Hit Me With Your Rhythm … Continue reading Loa Funk Logic

Sidewalk Auteurs

I'd nearly forgotten this mini-feature I'd started on the sidewalk art that cropped up over the course of the spring and summer during the protracted Covid lockdown. Suddenly, the pavement seemed to come alive with color as I walked my usual routes, no doubt the result of a lot of folk coming to terms with … Continue reading Sidewalk Auteurs

Endless Season

You are the computer. Synths scream like engines in overdrive, fast-forward and rewind. Speedway Theme From Fastlane Part 2 — or deeper still Blade Runner Main Titles — shades of Endless Season in slow motion. Tighten up and strip it down, down to the absolute essentials. Streamlined schematics for the future, rebuilt from the underground up... the prog era … Continue reading Endless Season

Into The 20s

Production, kimo... producción! Moving into the second month of the 20s, and things are getting underway. Posts are rolling out on the reg, the Terminal Vibration saga is back in full force, and code is stacking down in The Heights, running in parallel from within the space center mainframe hum. Animals in motion, striking curious … Continue reading Into The 20s