El Cid

Down there in the dust and heat, the dry wind of Andalusia and that final ride into the deep, the unknown and beyond. The muezzin wail across the sea and over the dunes of Tangier, shifting Raï chansons and Khaled the desert mystic bounce back across the airwaves, lost again in the dub chambers, the … Continue reading El Cid

Jungle Wonz

Jungle Wonz: Kings of the Concrete Jungle There's a certain type of Chicago record that plays like the sound of the city itself, capturing the summer heat and humidity of the metropolis, stretched out in all directions and cast beneath those looming, overcast skies. If Virgo were the perfect encapsulation of the city viewed from … Continue reading Jungle Wonz


Transmitting from deep within the Arctic Circle Dwelling on Talk Talk got me thinking about back when I first dove deep into their body of workby now this would've been about twenty years ago — experiencing the sprawl of their discography's twin poles: synth-inflected new wave and freeform post rock, (with Sylvian-esque art pop of The Colour … Continue reading Greyscale

Talk Talk

Talk Talk are Lee Harris, Mark Hollis, and Paul Webb Not much to add to what I said about them back when Mark Hollis passed away, but it felt like the right time to slip the whole crew into the old “hall of fame” right about now. Despite the fact that Hollis would easily make … Continue reading Talk Talk

Chick Corea

Chick Corea: The Sound of Crystal Silence The news came through last month that jazz legend Chick Corea had passed away. Fronting his group Return To Forever, he did as much as anyone to codify the sound that would come to be called “fusion”, and alongside Herbie Hancock was one of the key jazz pianists … Continue reading Chick Corea

Dance The Parallax

Still on the beach, the tides still turning. Sun slowly sinks into the ocean, melting out across the horizon and into the cool blue waters of the Pacific as the disco pulse spirals off into the evening mist. Bouncing off the “mother sunspot of all time”, some strange connection separated by a gulf of twenty-odd … Continue reading Dance The Parallax