The Black Hit Of Space

Been out all night, I needed a bite, I thought I'd put a record on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, And wondered where the light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight from Buck Rogers The record was so black it had to be a con The autochanger switched … Continue reading The Black Hit Of Space

Bringing It All Back Home

Well that was a bit of an undertaking... five months cut adrift in a space capsule and then back to the lab for a spell. A protracted excursion peppered with long spaces of radio silence: that's the loneliness of space travel. The deep space excursion has served its purpose — a sonic survey of the outer rim … Continue reading Bringing It All Back Home

Deep Space 100

Prepare to take a trip Space. The vastness of which we cannot even begin to comprehend. The crew of the Apollo 13 mission traveled farther into it than any human ever has — 248,655 miles — during their improvised orbit of the moon. By way of comparison, the Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light years across... that's 600,000,000,000,000,000 miles! … Continue reading Deep Space 100

Journey To Pyramid

Pyramid Of The Moon1 And the westward path continues, sliding three feet high over Caribbean waters, past the shores of the Yucatán. Journey To Pyramid. Teotihuacán looms in the distance, ship runs steady with the Quetzalcoatl mixtape lodged safely in the deck, pulsing sounds of the Mental Cube booming through the forest. It's a Yage. … Continue reading Journey To Pyramid

Concave Dreams

The arrival at Arecibo. Artech in rotation against the sky, circling concentric the vast aluminum dish set within the surface of the Earth. SETIvision. Aerial view. This crater formed from tiles, each animated with the living sleeve of a record brought back from the outer rim. Light pours through each of them, clockwise from the … Continue reading Concave Dreams

Pattern #29

Gliding westward over vector landscapes — angles cycle in emerald bloom — radiant against a vast horizon cloaked in falling dusk. From cavern lab to telescopic forests, paths plotted in advance are taken. Feel the sounds of Terranova pump through the jungle: you can see the stars tonight.

Shadows Surface

Moving Shadows scale the cavern walls, climbing out of the deep black and upward through the lush plant life shrouding the surface. Murky shapes emerge against a sky bathed in starlight and equations, the night air warm with possibilities and the pull of the unknown. Camuy stretches out far below into infinity: the deep, dark … Continue reading Shadows Surface

Dwellin’ In Tha Labb

The illusion of tranquility as everything happens beneath the surface... elements mixed in various combinations and shapes twisted beyond recognition, pieces fused into recombinant forms. Lunar rocks arranged in geometric patterns across piles of 12" wax from the great beyond. Weeks on weeks of frenzied experimentation in the lab, time spent underground is time well … Continue reading Dwellin’ In Tha Labb


Splashdown beneath the afternoon sun. Starship like a dagger rising from the water's surface, an ivory shard pointing back upward to the sky. Foam dissolves to mist around the craft, spiraling from the surface in long, graceful arcs. The hatch blasts open and a figure emerges. Home at last. Echoes of music float on a … Continue reading Splashdown

A Weekend On Mars

The dome city from Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes' Expansions Landing on the Martian surface, you could see the dome city on the horizon, just past the river's flow. On a warm current of wind, the words of the song could be felt (and heard): Expand your mind to understand we all must … Continue reading A Weekend On Mars